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Forum Guidelines (Manila)


Hello folks,

Recently there has been a huge increase in forum posts promoting other social networking sites, Facebook, Twitter, etc, Also a large number of commercial posts and advertising. i.e Real estate vendors promoting their companies properties etc

Of late I have been messaging the poster when either having to edit or delete their post to advise them of the reason why. This is time consuming and actually quite unnecessary. Following this thread post, Any post found in breach of the Internations Policies will be deleted

Each page in the InterNations website has a list of links in the footer (bottom of the page) One is for Guidelines. Ladies and gentlemen please be kind enough to refer to these prior to making posts as edits or deletions can often cause unnecessary offence.

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I hate having to be heavy handed on this but I am sure you would rather I spent my time helping our members here and organising our monthly events!!

Thank you all for your help in this matter.


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