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Globe vs Smart (Manila)

Hello All,

I just thought it might worth while to post this, especially for anyone new to Manila (myself included) or anyone contemplating applying for a post paid mobile account.

The few people that I've already discussed this with know exactly what I am talking about. But, I had stopped by the local Globe store to apply for a post paid line, although we had to wait nearly two hours to finally get to the person to complete the forms, etc. Then I was told I would have to wait Protected content for them to process the application. I figured OK, part of living here in the PH.

Well, it's now day 16....still no phone or update from me that's just absolutely unacceptable.

So, after speaking to my new friend Vikas at the Internations dinner this past Sat, he convinced me to give Smart a try.

I stopped there this afternoon, gave them less documentation than Globe required...and I received a txt message about an hour later that my phones are ready for pickup!!

Moral of the story....dont go to Globe, if you want good quality customer service.



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