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Gramercy Ceiling Collapsing (Manila)

Stay in Gramercy if you don't mind the ceiling collapsing in the middle of your sleep.

We have a long term lease with a Gramercy Unit under our company which is occupied by our VP. Yesterday early morning at 1am, he noticed water dripping down and called the engineering's office for their immediate attention. Then at 2am, the first price of ceiling fell down. He then spent the next few hours trying to convince the management that immediate actions has to be taken or the whole ceiling will collapse. But he is met with people who are afraid to reach higher management and would not do anything as the unit above is unoccupied and they say they cannot do anything without the permission. Shortly, at 4am, half of the ceiling of the master bedroom came falling down on his bed.

We can only thank God he wasn't in his sleep when the ceiling came falling down, or he'll definitely be injured. However, the management doesn't seem to bothered at all to check on the unit. I reached Gramercy at 13:00pm the next day only to find out neither the owner nor the leasing department was informed of this incident (we signed the contract through the leasing dept.). No personnel from the property management even bothered to check on the tenant and ask if he was injured. No one tried to reach us. When I offered and asked if they will take a look at the damages as the tenant is in the unit, they even were not willing to get out of their office but just said they will send the engineering department. Basically if I haven't gone to their office, this will just be another normal day for them.

When asked about the incident all they tell me is that they are waiting for the report. No protocol on safety check up and assessment for damage, no follow up on tenant placement and repair schedule.
I've met with the GM in charge of the Property Management Office and understand the complaints some people post here. I generally feel like they don't care about the tenants at all.

The only pleasant person I came across was the Manager from the Leasing Department that was really apologetic of the situation. Though this unpleasant incident and previous incident of having our access card deactivated despite we were in process of renewing our lease made us decide finally to cut ties with Century Properties.

Gramercy should seriously consider of changing their Property Management Team.

There is so many so-called high-end residences in the Philippines which services and quality just doesn't make the mark. Very disappointing...

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