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Health insurance/Philippines for people over 65 (Manila)

I have had no luck finding an affordable health insurance policy feared towards non resident expats living in the Philippines. In 2 years I will be living here near Manila Protected content out of the year. Most Phlippine insurance policies are geared towards younger people and or families. None have offered drug coverage. And wost yet, few if any at all offer any coverage at all for pre-existing conditions.

I understand it is not profitable to insure my age group.

I just want to find a way to insure myself, somehow, some way.

I cannot afford $1,000 a month of U.S. private insurance. Plus, the insurance terminates after one year. Since there is usually a 6 mos waiting period for pre-existing diseases, it is not practical to purchase this type of service.

I wonder if being having Phls resident status may will help.

I’m curious if there are any insurances designed for over 65 yrs old expats.

I wonder if anyone has read If there are any advocacy organizations working towards changing Philippine and U.S. laws concerning retired U.S. expats in the Phl. The legal change would allow Medicare to cover their medical health needs.

I am aware of one HMO Medicare based in California the Phils is allowing coverage. How much and what diseases I am do not know details.

I am also aware some limited emergency coverage from Medicare is paid for U.S. citizens. But the coverage is very limited and only in emergencies.

If anyone has heard anything about this issue, I would very much appreciate you either posting your response here or sending me a private message.



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