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How to advance the Philippine Business Sector. (Manila)


Arthur Netteler-

"The way a Business Society expands, and true opportunities are available to all people, is to get Government out of the way. Government moves too slow and is too bloated with Tax spending bureaucrats that actually do nothing to add to the advancement of the nations prosperity. The Free Market approach to economic prosperity is to have as many PRIVATE Businesses as the market will support. These businesses are far more adaptable to changing conditions and the citizens needs than a huge government bureaucracy. Remember that in order to maintain power the bureaucracy MUST keep the status of the masses unchanged.
One example of a Free Market Economy is:
Here in the Philippines the rates charged by Jeepneys and Tricycles are controlled by the GOVERNMENT. (First off the government has NO Jeepneys/Tricycles that need to turn a profit!) Under the Free Market. the Owner/Operator would decide what rate he/she would charge. If that rate is too HIGH the customers would not use that Jeepney, if the rate were too LOW the owner would not make enough profit to maintain the equipment do to the huge number of customers using his service. In a short time a market based rate would emerge, that is fair to the customer and allows the owner to make a fair profit. If that owner begins to raise their rate to much or too fast the customers would migrate away from his Jeepney/Tricycle."

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