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Important: Nationwide LIQUOR BAN on May 8th to 9th (Manila)

Elections are coming up, and for those of who haven't experienced elections here in the Philippines, we have a thing called "Liquor Ban." There will be a nationwide liquor ban from May 8th (Sunday) starting at midnight ( Protected content ) to the stroke of midnight of May 9th (Monday) or at Protected content . So that is the whole day of May 8th to 9th or 48 hours.

During the liquor ban, individuals shall not be allowed to sell, furnish, offer, buy, serve, or take intoxicating liquor anywhere in the Philippines.

However, establishments such as hotels, restaurants and resorts certified by the Department of Tourism as tourism oriented may apply for exemption with Comelec. Foreigners may also be exempted from the liquor ban in such establishments.

The Philippine National Police, National Bureau of Investigation, regional election directors, provincial election supervisors, election officers and Comelec election law enforcement team will be tasked to implement the liquor ban all over the country.

Just Google "Liquor Ban Philippines Protected content for more details and a probable list of except places. To be sure, just stock up on or before Saturday at your place or call the hotel/tourist area and ask if they are exempted or not.

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