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In Manila this week; looking for feedback

Hi all,

I am going to be relocating with my family (wife, 2 children, ages 6 and Protected content Manila for about 6 months (tentatively in May) and flew into Manila this weekend to do some preliminary work for my company and get a general lay of the land. That will include scouting some housing options. Our office is likely going to be located in Makati and I believe that is where they are going to look for housing as well. Any thoughts on places to consider? Also, anything special I should be looking for as part of my expat package from my company that I may not have considered? How is living in Makati for a family? I've already wandered the GreenBelt and know shopping shouldn't be an issue (though a bit overwhelming). Any help would be appreciated. I am staying in Makati this week while visiting.

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