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Indian Relocating to Manila

I have been offered a job at Manila & am looking to move there in April from India. I have a few questions on the move:

1) I will be working out of The Enterprise Tower in Makati. In looking at options on the internet, I am looking at hoping to find a furnished condo in Fort Bonifaco. How would the commute work - in terms of time & cost per trip in a local taxi? Is it a good idea to commute between Makati & Fort?

2) I wanted to check on what could be the possible rent for a well furnished condo - on research I see between Protected content PHP/month for a 2 bedroom condo. Is this the reasonable range in these areas?

3) Most important question of all - once you have selected a condo & agreed on a rent, how exactly does it work? 1 website I read states that most condo owners look for 2 months rent deposit(which is acceptable) & 12 months advance rent - which is quite baffling, if I am understanding this correctly. Do we need to pay 12 months' rent upfront in addition to 2 months' deposit? Please HELP!! Am really anxious on getting this clarified.

4) Are there any weekly/fresh markets selling veggies in & around Fort? I read markets in Salecedo & Legaspi but wanted to check in Bonifacio area.

5)Getting Around Manila: I read that local transport is not the best & taxis are unreliable as well. Should I look at buying a car maybe? Being an Indian, I am used to some crazy driving so Manila traffic isn't that confusing for me. Am looking for some expat/local scout first hand experience on this please. :)

6) As a continuation to above question - if I was to buy a car, any idea on how difficult it is to get a local license to drive? And registration of ownership?

7) What are typical costs for a fairly new(less than 2 years) or new small or medium size sedan? Any possible recommendations please.

8)What are the approximate cost of utilities per month - electricity(running a/c for a good period), water, gas, internet & telephone?

9)Lastly, is any one aware of good shops where one can buy INDIAN grocery/spices please - hopefully around Fort area?

Protected content , probably more for Indian friends in the forum - are there any Indian hindu temples in or around Manila?

Thanks, hoping you all can help me with these questions!

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