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Input for extending stay in Manila

Hi, I'm an Indian passport holder currently having a 9G visa for me + family, which is valid until mid of March. My employment with the firm that helped me get the 9G will end in Feb. Now, I'd like to extend my stay here for another Protected content . I need a few pointers:

- I assume extending my stay is possible and needs downgrading my 9G to a tourist visa? Can I get a tourist visa without having to leave the country? What's the validity and how many times can it be extended?
- Once I have the tourist visa, will that allow me to exit / re-enter Philippines with the same visa, say if I need to go to Spore for a few days?
- How sooner (before my 9G expires) will the process need to be initiated? Is it advisable to take care of the process on my own (since it involves 3 applications)?

Appreciate inputs!

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