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internet connections Prices speeds and plans (Manila)

I have read some posts about what is being paid for internet connections
Here's some info on what is currently out there.

Note that actual speeds are often 50% of those advertised particularly at peak times.
Best speeds are usually mid week between 1am and 5 am local time.

1 Promo 499/ month up to 1mps
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2 Up to 10 Mps Protected content

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3 Up to 12 mps
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In addition to the P2,345 U will ALSO need a monthly plan (unlimited?) depending on your usage , otherwise it can get expensive

4 Allegedly 20Mgps MOBILE wifi. One time P6495,then get an unli plan

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5 Unlimited surf package P1,200/ month
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Before you sign up make sure you are perfectly clear on what you get for your money, PARTICULARLY costs of unlimited use as the lock in period is usually 2 years.

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