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I am a American expat that has been living in Pampanga for almost 8 months. When I came here I expected to find a job in my profession (I am a Construction Project Manager and Structural Specialist) fairly quickly and there would be no problems, DAH!
Since I found it difficult to find employment with any Philippine based construction or engineering company I decided to go for starting my own construction and development company; in comes the Philippine partners!
I had known from seven years of living in Indonesia that being a expat it was either mandatory or wise to have a Philippine national as a partner and as luck has it one of the neighbors that I had befriended was in construction and had at one time owned his own construction company, so we partnered up (this was 5 months ago).
He in turn introduced me to several people all interested in getting into some sort of construction venture or another and we began to talk, and talk, and talk, and talk..........see where I'm going here? At one point we were even promised a project as one of the sub contractors building a sub division in Cavite, and after months of talking, and talking, and talking and me shelling out money we / I got butt f%$ked and no project. Now in the last month or so my "partner" has come up with my money missing but claims someone else took it and now I can never find him and he doesn't answer my text.
Which brings me to why I'm writing today. I have decided that since I am staying here (my wife is a national) and I want my own company and need to be making money, I am going forward with my plans for my own company but I only want western contacts, western possible partners and Absolutely only western investors!
How ever I have expanded on the ventures that my company will get into, one of course is the construction and development company but for the Protected content that I have lived outside of the States I missed the American style Bar & Sports Bar, so want I open a Authentic American Sports (only), American and Asian food Sports Bar. I have the concept, the lay out, the possible locations for the first (of I hope a few) bar and I have a proposal written and read for interested possible investors or a partner to give a read.
I have over 30 years in the engineering and construction field and I am a excellent manager and administrator that knows what I want in a business, and what needs to be done to make that business a success. But I have never owned or operated a bar (but I know good bars!) but with a very professional management staff it could be a very advantageous venture.
If anyone (serious Westerner's only) is interested in taking a look at my proposal and are prepared to more than wasting my and our time with a lot of talk, or you know of someone or have other meaningful connections then you can contact me here or at my email: Protected content .
My name is Waymon and I hope to hear from you.

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