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Long weekend hangout (Manila)

Hey, what you guys up to this long weekend (January 31-February 2)? I know there are a few activities lined up by IN Manila Community - such as the Women's Community for Saturday lunch and the Culture Club thing on Sunday afternoon (in case some don't check the activities groups). Likewise, Friday is a holiday in the Philippines, as we are celebrating the Chinese New Year, there'll be events in Chinatown and some places in the Metro, parties and stuff.

In any case, if anyone is up to doing an art trip this Saturday (February 1), shoot me a message. An officemate of mine is thinking of doing a trip down east to Angono, Rizal, where there is a "booming" art town... see Petroglyphs and such... It's just a backpacker kind of trip - but it'll be a chance for some to explore another side of this country where you guys are at... if there would be those who'd be interested, I won't let you go alone with them of course, as I'd be coming along too.

It'll take probably half or most of the day and then maybe some could meet up for a chill night or dinner in Makati in the evening. It's the long weekend, a chance to explore... :)

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