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Looking ahead and Scotland (Manila)

What is it about Scotland that stirs the heart and imagination?

Throughout centuries the history, stories abound, regaled of and told by the bards and poets, and as a Scottish poet and author I'm well versed in telling the story of and about my homeland.
Having lived in various locations I have first hand knowledge of the history, culture, scenic grandeur, that awaits you with an open, warm Scottish embrace and hearty welcome, as I lead you into the story.

Let the pages of your journey’s steps unfold as with each one turned, each step taken, you become immersed in that moment. Imagine, perhaps walking where Jacobites once did, standing upon a hallowed and silent battlefield, pausing, eyes closed to recall their courage. Listen! did a lingering whisper of the past, tug gently at your heart, and a tear slip down your face?

As I take you further, let us discover together, the abundance of traditional crafts, musicians, distilleries, the stunning grandeur of the land. Scotland offers a symphony of experiences, unlike any other destination, a veritable Pandora's box of centuries past, waiting patiently for you to open it.

Therein the hidden gems are revealed, the voices reverberate softly of bygone days, carved standing stones, quiet Glens, winding roads as around the next bend, more is waiting.
Don't imagine but experience in person the true essence of Scotland with myself a Scottish poet and author as your guide. Come, let us step the miles, as I ensure personally, this will be a voyage of discovery unlike any other you have known.

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