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Looking for a job - Economist / Project managment (Manila)


Hello everyone,

Protected content name is Simon Fournier. I am a 24 years old French citizen living in Manila, currently looking for opportunity to work in the Philippines on a long-term or short-term basis (Either short term consultancy contract; young/junior professional officer programs and remunerated internship).

I have now spent more than one year in the Philippines, doing two six month internships, respectively at the Uited Nations Development Programme and the International Labour Organization Manila offices. Over this time I have had the chance to do substantial work on the state of the Philippines economy and that of the wider region, and have done further work on the effects of the global economic and financial crisis.

I graduated with a Masters degree in international economics at Université Pierre-Mendès France of Grenoble (France). Through my specialization “Organizations Governance for International Development” I received training in the fields of international economics; development; energy and resources (biofuels, electricity, gas, oil, water). My training has also included negotiation and project management techniques.

I recently completed my Masters thesis on the subject of the “Economic Structural Characteristics and the Transmission of the Global Financial Crisis in the Philippines” (Please find a short abstract at the end of this email). This was a demanding and thorough piece of work that brought me close to the pressing social and economic issues in the Philippines today. Having so dedicated myself, I now wish to build on this knowledge and experience to hopefully contribute to the work of an organization or a company in the country.

If you wish to meet me for an interview, I will be eager to answer any questions you may have about my skills or background.

Best regards,

Simon Fournier

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Abstract :

Economic structural characteristics and the transmission of international financial crisis in the Philippines

This paper examines how the economy of the Philippines has been affected by the international economic and financial crisis. This analysis focuses on the structural characteristics the economy of the Philippines. These characteristics have been viewed as responsible for the relatively lower growth rate, compared to other countries of South-Eastern Asia over the past fifty years. These constraints on growth are: the relatively slow growth rates of productivity and investment and the labor force’ unfinished sectoral transition. These constraints come from the country’s low competitiveness in attracting investments, existing barriers to mobility of factors of production from one sector to another and governance issues. Meanwhile, insufficient domestic job supply has encouraged workers to go overseas, increasing remittance flow. Because of these characteristics and of the limited contamination to financial markets and to the local banking sector, the economy of the Philippines has managed to be more resilient to transmission channels of the global crisis than other countries from South-Eastern Asia. Indeed, the contribution from export and investment to the GDP growth in the Philippines is lower than in neighboring countries. Whereas these variables were strongly affected during the crisis, impact on growth has been more limited than in other countries of the region. GDP has kept growing thanks to public expenditure and household consumption. The latter have been sustained by the the labor market stability and the continuous flow of remittances that have been leading the economic growth for the past ten years. Impact on labor market has been limited lasted shortly. Paradoxicaly, Philippine resilience has been due to structural constraints that have been limiting economic growth previously.

JEL Classification : E20, G01, O11

Keywords : Development in the region, structural constraint to growth, international economic and financial crisis, macroeconomic variables and resiliency.

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