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Looking For US/American Homeschool (Manila)

Hello. I am looking for an American Homeschool for my daughter who is finishing her freshman year in high school at an international school here in Manila. The long school commute and the school hours are taking a toll and the homeschool will fit out lifestyle of travelling back and forth also. I've read also that US homeschooling may be best for us since she does plan on attending a US university once she graduates from high school.

I am specifically looking for anything that would get her a HS diploma and not run into problems later on in the future that she didn not get a "legit" education. I am also looking for something affordable. I know I don't have to enroll her in a Texas-based curriculum just because we're from Texas. I just need something inexpensive that has passable standards. Texas Virtual Academy just basically told me NO as we do not stay in Texas long-term. They would have been free of charge since it is within the public school system. I am not sure where else to turn. Everything else seems pricy.

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