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Marketing Makeover (Manila)

Where is the training for sales and marketing people in the Philippines?

As a sales and marketing professional I can normally spot successful sales person the moment they walk in the door. I have been living in the Philippines for many years and here they are as rare as a good taco.

The question that arose in my mind was who is training these people.

I will sight two examples:

I was in a doctor’s office at a hospital in Cebu and it was pretty obvious that the doctor had established 11am-noon as the time he could see sales reps from the pharmaceutical companies. They came in one by one and I counted about 20 who dropped off their brochures with a total of about 1 minute with the doctor. No one had trained them on how to approach this situation and break through the mass of brochures to get the doctors attention and order.

The second was a guy selling condos who sent me a Linkedin request. I accepted as I do with anyone who wants to link and he next sends me a message about buying a condo. He then sends me an email with photos and then a text. Did he stop to ask if I was in the market for a condo? I am not which would have saved us both a lot of time. If he knew how to properly use social media his chance of success would increase.

The simple fact is the vast majority of companies do not have an effective training program for sales and marketing people.

The answer…”Marketing Makeover”

Our 4 day program offers a review of a company’s current sales and marketing activities and provides specific ways to make it more successful. This includes:

Direct sales training to your representatives
Targeted marketing strategy implementation
Website and internet activities analysis and how to improve it
Creation of an effective social media campaign
Creating outstanding customer service
Creative sales and marketing techniques
Product/service specific sales techniques

Through this we will do a complete makeover of your sales and marketing activities to ensure growth and new success.

Cost: PHP 80,000

John Davenport
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