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Married To An Angel (Manila)

In the news and on television shows, I have heard many times that “children learn what they live.” It never had much meaning to me until lately; when I started thinking about my youth and growing up in Southern California. My mom was born in San Francisco and my dad in Salt Lake City, Utah. A world and many hundreds of miles apart. They met while my dad was on a trip to the west coast and they later married.

About two years after they were married and still living in Northern California they had their one and only child, me.
By the time I was five years old my parents moved to Hollywood in Southern California.
While my dad worked full time for Technicolor Corp at Universal Studios. My mom worked full time as a dental assistant and office manager in North Hollywood.

In all the years of growing up I was one of the lucky ones that grew up in a home filled with love and caring. By the time I was in Jr. High School and old enough to see the difference between families, I began to see how lucky and blessed I was. So many of my friends were from broken homes. I watched with horror and disbelief as friend after friend had to endure the separation and divorce of their parents.

I’m sure that my parents had hard times during their lives. Maybe financial as well as other things as any couple does.
But in all the years of growing up, going to school, and even when grown and living on my own; I never-not even one time heard an argument or sharp word between them. They somehow managed to disagree and discuss important matters without me being within ear shot.

So children do learn what they live. I was lucky. I lived in a home filled with and learned love and caring. Then it was my turn to find that special someone to marry and spend my life with.
It all seemed so simple. All I had to do is look for and find someone who had the same personality and loving ways as my mom.
Lets just say that I failed miserably and learned a very valuable lesson in the process.

I stayed single for many years after that. I truly feared trying again.
Then, years later in Protected content , on my first trip to the Philippines I was staying in a hotel in Manila. Two times in one day I met the same girl in the hotel elevator. She was an office employee of the hotel. Our total time together spent in person was only about two minutes or maybe less. I returned home to the states and we spent the next seven Protected content exchanging emails, letters, and phone calls.

Finally in Protected content returned to the Philippines and married this angel of mine. Not only did I find an angel in this wild and crazy word, I also found a new country to call home. We still live here in the Philippines and I still feel like the luckiest guy in the world. And now it’s my turn to raise a child. As we go through our daily life, I hope and pray that our little daughter, Ynna, will feel that same love and peace that I did growing up. It’s great living as an expat in this tropical paradise with Viol and Ynna, the two angels in my life.
Every day I thank God for my sweet Violeta; and I thank God for Angels…

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