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Moving to the Philippines TIN Part 2 (Manila)


This was possible the easiest thing I had to do. You have to fill out two Protected content , bring a copy of your passport to include the visa page and a copy of your marriage contract (also bring originals just in case but you will have to submit the copies). You can google Philippines BIR and you should get a website or two then you should be able to print out the Protected content . If not then you can get at the BIR in the Philippines. Fill out two copies.

You will take the paperwork to your local Bureau Internal Revenue (BIR) in the Philippines. They will ask you why you need it. I told them that I needed it for Customs because of my household goods that I was having shipped and they needed a TIN from me.

* Side note. My wife asked for one and they said why she needed one? She said that she planned to work. They then told her that she can get one once she gets a job. Apparently, they don’t like to hand out TINs unless you really need it. You can’t simply tell them that you need one for work or because you plan to have a business. They want you to HAVE a business or HAVE a job then you can apply for one. Weird…..

Quick note: when filling out the application, for block 1, I checked off on E.O. 98. This states that I am securing a TIN to be able to transact with any government office. Being that I needed it for customs, I figured this the best choice.
So a person reviewed my paperwork, took a copy then sent me to another desk where they reviewed it again and wrote my, soon to be TIN on the paperwork and told me to come back next week and it would be ready. They let me have a copy as a receipt I guess. Easy peasy.

Came back next week and it was a simple card with no picture or signature. They didn’t even ask me to put a picture on it or sign it. I took it down the street and put in one of my old passport pics on it (had to cut it down because the picture outline is smaller than your average passport pic) then pasted it on, signed it and had it laminated Protected content . I now officially have my first Filipino ID. This will have to be given to Customs for your shipment which they will return to you. Aside of the time to do everything, there was no fee for the whole process.

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