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My Apologies for Failing to Show Up (Manila)

I was supposed to speak before the InterNations monthly gathering upon the gracious invitation of Mr. Steve Hill, the Manila group Ambassador, which date (September 3) and time (7pm) coincided exactly with my 10th year sighting anniversary. But due to some unavoidable reason (which is too personal to discuss here), I have to leave Manila for Iloilo 4 days before that event – which to me, was too painful to miss. I treated that occasion with a mystical significance – as a symbolic gesture seemingly pre-arranged by an unknown force and was made to reassure me that my 10 years worth of toil was a task well done.

While I have to settle and contend myself nonetheless, I spent my 10th year as a UFO experiencer all by myself in my humble abode without any fancy celebration nor any special food for that matter. The only consolation I got that day was the two text messages I received. One was sent to me by my daughter Andrea and the other, from that lady who earlier on (while I was still in Manila) was reminded about how important that date was for me. The rest of them? They must have entirely forgotten. And that should include my otherworldy friends who, none of them rendered a sign that might at least have given some self-assurance that ‘they’ are still attuned. Thus, I have to take it just as that and let that memorable day pass with slight disappointments to keep.

I simply hope there would be a next time opportunity.

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