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I want all to be aware of Eastwood and renting there. its been a very bad experience.
1. First in general read your contracts and do not sign them,. Notice they are written 100% against you so you can get screwed. You must make amendments to them to protect yourself our you will be scammed.
2. I was ripped off from a owner in Lafayette tower three who has a two bedroom two bathroom, look nice inside. but, he would fix nothing, i had to fix air cons, doors everything, refrigerator. washer and dryer didn't work. roaches and all. what a horrible lessor. then when i moved out he will not return the deposit, stole the whole thing.
3. Megaworld does very little, never sign a contract with them. They are pretty much useless.
4. Eastwood is very boring and a TON of traffic like you would not believe it. I highly recommend makati.
5. Never rent from a guy who claims he is a attorney- they are the worst scam artists of all. This guy claims to be attorney in Eastwood Lafayette three. a very horrible man, liar and thief.
6. PLEASE be careful to all expats!!! stay away from Eastwood Lafayette three and really all of Eastwood.

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