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New Sports Bar in the Fort (Manila)

Attention all sports fans...getting ready for the newest and most amazing sports bar ever to hit Metro Manila!

Skinny Mike's is located on 32nd St. corner Justicia Dr. across the street from the F1 Hotel.

Where else in Manila can you get yout fix of the NFL, NHL, MLB, and MBA action with great food, great drinks, and great friends!

What you Need to know about Skinny Mike . . .
· Despite rumors, Skinny Mike is not actually a real person.

· Skinny Mike represents the part of every sports fan, man or woman, that cares only about sports and not much else. He does what it takes to enjoy sports regardless of how selfish.

· Skinny Mike cares more about great food, cold beer, and sports than you care about breathing.

· Skinny Mike could dunk a basketball before he could walk

· He skipped his sons high school graduation to watch the Knicks game because he knows all sports are better LIVE

· Skinny Mike will write you a doctors note so that you can call in sick to work to catch the Superbowl at 6am on a Monday morning.

· Skinny Mike can run a 4 minute mile with a beer in each hand.

· He knows that the beer can always be colder and the food can always get better.

· He hates not being able to see the TV so he has twenty 42” LCD TV’s so that he can see the game from anywhere in his bar.

· Ask Skinny Mike to find you a LIVE telecast of your favorite sport and he’ll do everything he can to get it for you.

· Skinny Mike likes beer, all beer. If he could he’d only drink beer, so he carries over Protected content and continues to look for more every day.

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