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Just wanted to make everyone aware of OpenStreetMap. Its a project I've been contributing to since I arrived in Manila three years ago in an attempt to "give something back" to the internet. Dare I say that the Manila section has got pretty good nowadays, and is generally a lot more up to date than Google Maps.

In addition, the way OSM works is that _anyone_ can edit the map, so people tend to put on new bars and restaurants if they like them, and update the areas around their homes. Personally I take my GPS around with me when I visit areas outside of Manila and make sure they're up to date. You might like to check out the coverage of Boracay I did a year or so ago.
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In fact even this is out of date, with the crazy pace of development there! Anyway, I hope you can use it, and if you live in remote areas, then please get involved and fix the areas around your home. If you have any questions on the technical aspects, you're welcome to contact me off list.

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