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Pain Relief/ PowerStrips (Manila)

A friend of mine asked me and my boyfriend if we would like to sell natural pain relieving strips called 'PowerStrips'. Me and my boyfriend said NO! He said: “Well, your boyfriend can try a couple and let me know if you think they are any good.”

My boyfriend had a frozen shoulder for years and all the doctors can offer is cortisone/steroid injections with all their potential side effects. He put one of the strips on his shoulder (they work for 48 hours each),he said it started to feel better after maybe 2 hours. After 48 hours, he replaced the strip with another one, no redness or itching from the strips. After another 48 hours, he can now move his shoulder and use it in ways that he haven't been able to do for many years. The pain has pretty well gone, so he was able to gradually increase the range of movements that his shoulder is capable of.

I had toothache so I put a strip on my face and the aching quickly subsided.

As a result of this, we have signed up to sell the strips, this is very interesting so please read on:

Our marketing strategy is to let the product sell itself, we've seen many products offered for networking but this is the first time we've been offered one that actually works! It not only works, but it works quickly to relieve pain. PowerStrips are listed by the US Food and Drugs Administration as a class 1 medical device so it won't do anyone any harm. It sits on your skin so you don't have to swallow it like normal painkillers so you are not risking your kidneys.

These are completely different to 'usual' pain relief patches.

If you are interested in the product, either purely for pain relief or with a view to considering it's prospects as a business, please let me know and I will run through how it all works with you.

I'm based in Metro Manila but we can supply anywhere in the world.

If you are interested in the business aspect, we will not ask you to 'harass your friends and everyone you ever meet' as do the usual networking opportunities. Because PowerStrips are so effective, we have been working purely by giving out samples and letting the product do the work. We have had interest from an Orthopedic Surgeon and a Dentist, rugby players, sports people in general, as well as all sorts of people with general aches and pains of their own. After proving, to their own satisfaction, that PowerStrips work, several have signed up as Independent Distributors.

PowerStrips can also help with anything that benefits from improved blood flow.
Please contact me at Protected content and/or visit: Protected content

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