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Printing at internet cafes (Manila)


Hey gang,

Being a former police officer, I wanted to bring this up.

My wife took a USB memory stick to an internet cafe to get some stuff printed 2 days ago. When she got back, I took a look at the memory stick, and noticed some anomalies. After some digging, I found that there was a rudimentary virus on the stick.

In a previous incident not too long ago, I was able to see (in a reflection) the internet cafe attendant copying ALL the contents of my memory stick to their hard drive, even though I only needed a document printed.

My point:

1. If you take a memory stick to get stuff printed (photos, documents), EMPTY the stick and only put files that you need printed. The contents of the memory stick could be "stolen" and used for illicit purposes.

2. Always run your memory stick through an anti-virus program after you get it back.


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