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Really bad experience with Taxi Driver! (Manila)

Just to share my last bad experience with a taxi driver.

Last week I hailed a cab from Rockwell to my home in Makati, and had quite the traumatic ride. When the driver cued in on my British accent, he immediately started on how verbally abusive the English are and proceeded to demonstrate with a spree of expletives. It was almost a tirade of verbal abuse.

Unsure if this was just an exhibition of his language proficiency, I tried to stay calm and laughed it off. He then went on to rubbish his ex-boss who was British and even went as far as to regale me with lewd details of his ex-boss' social life. I was truly uncomfortable at this point and considered jumping out of the cab then and there.

When we finally reached my destination, I tried to open the door but it remained locked. He then started to say that I shld call him for his taxi services as he was in my area often. I continued to try the door, all the time saying calmly that I wld if and when I needed a taxi. The door remained locked. He gave me his phone number and insisted that I call him immediately so that he wld have my number. In my panic (and I feel so stupid abt it right now!!!!), I did. He finally unlocked the door.

Now, he texts me almost every morning to remind me to call if I need a taxi service. I have not replied any of these texts. Yesterday, his text was most demanding, asking me to reply! My husband wants to tell him to stop texting me, but I feel that that wld provoke his unstable nature/behaviour more.

Anyone else out there been through this?


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