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Relief for "Forgotten" Bantayan Island (Manila)

My wife, Cathy, is from Bantayan Island, a small island off the northwest coast of Cebu Island. Bantayan is a 1 hour boat ride from Hagnaya (on Cebu Island), which in turn is a 3 hour drive from Cebu City. There are less than 150,000 people on Bantayan, so the damage caused by Typhoon Yolanda has garnered much less attention than in Tacloban and other larger, metro areas that were hit.

Many of Cathy’s friends (and family) were affected. We are helping her family out of our pocket, but she is raising money to help her for her friends and neighbors in Bantayan. She has posted info and pictures on her Facebook page in regards to this effort. She was there a few weeks ago and will return in December with tents and other supplies. When she returns, she will use whatever money she raises to buy tents, building supplies, and food in Manila, then distribute the goods within Bantayan. She will take pictures of the good works the funds accomplish, then post these on FB, as well as send them directly to people that donated to her cause.

Also, our friends, Tetet Pacheo & Allan Monreal, who own Bantayan Island Nature Park & Beach Resort, are raising money specifically for the fishermen in the area whose livelihood has been wiped out/damaged by the storm. The funds will be channeled through the Bantayan Island Association (URL: Protected content ). Specifically, they have established the “Back to the Sea” project to give money to local fishermen, as needed for boat and net repairs; purchase of new supplies, etc). Allan and his team will personally inspect all the claims to determine the exact need to return the fishermen to their livelihood. There is an updated webpage for the project: Protected content

I hope you can donate to the "Back to the Sea” project to give the local fishermen in Bantayan their livelihoods back. You can remit funds to Fairbank (Santa Fe, Bantayan); Account No. Protected content the name of Bantayan Island Association of Hotels, Resorts, Bars and Restaurants, Inc. Alternatively, Allan suggests money can be sent via PayPal to one of the Back to the Sea project’s key volunteers, Ms Johana Lim. Her PayPal account is: Protected content

Appreciate your thoughts and prayers, and greatly appreciate any contributions you can make to alleviate the suffering.


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