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Relocating in May, advice on housing, education (Manila)

Hello all!

I will be relocating to Manila with my family. For starter, I have some questions on housing and education that I need advice (cost information to do budgeting).

1. Housing
My husband will be working in the Taguig/Makati area. We plan to rent a 3 bedroom condo/apartment. How much would a month's rental be for an apartment in this area? I understand that advance payment of 12 months rental is not uncommon.

2. Education (Kindergarten)
I will enrol my 4 year old boys into international school. Not sure of which school as yet. Do I need to register for them in advance? Do I need to worry about availability of vacancy in the schools? Any recommendation of schools that is near Taguig/Makati? How much monthly school fees would that be?

3. Hiring domestic helper and driver
Traffic is a problem in Manila. Is it common to hire a driver or do people self-drive there? is it dangerous to self-drive in Manila (common to get robbed while in the car)?

How much would hiring a domestic helper and driver cost?

4. Health insurance and doctors
How much does it cost to get basic health insurance for adults and children? Understand that there is state-owned PhilHealth vs the private ones.

Do I have to register my family with the doctors and Pade upon arrival?

5. Anything in particular on relocating to Manila that I have to watch out for? I understand that I can experience typhoon. As this is my first relocation, any advice is greatly appreciated.

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