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Rockwell condos (Manila)


Hi there in Manila,

i am going back to Germany end of December.
Before i leave I want to give an information to all who are new in manila and/ or looking for a condo here.
If you plan to lease any of Rockwell Condo (Rizal, Luna, Amorsolo, Hidalgo,Yoja, Manansala)please make sure before to get information about condo renovations in the respective tower and/or construction sites nearby.
There will be a lot of renovation/ construction activities going on in Rockwell for the next couple of years!! (e.g. Rizal Tower is now some 8 years old, and all condos need to be totally renovated by the next years).
Unless you are totally happy with having lots of noise, smells, and activities going on around you, you should not lease in Rockwell right now! There are so many new options meanwhile for condos in Makati!

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