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Running Seminars (Manila)


Hi. I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice on running seminars in the Philippines.

I've recently published an ebook which aims to help people make money from home. I also have a Masters degree in a field related to this seminar topic. I currently live in Thailand. I'm British. I'm planning to run free 2 hour seminars, but at which people could also buy copies of my book and related materials. I'm also thinking of running 1 day paid seminars which went into things more deeply.

I'm looking for any insight and information people might have on how to run seminars in the Philippines. In particular the legal aspects of doing this.

Would it be best to do this on a tourist visa or some kind of 'visitor' visa, kind of if I were doing an author's book tour, meaning my stay in the Philippines would be only temporary?

Or is it better to get a Filipino company to host me as a freelancer?

Any inside knowledge people here might have would help a great deal.

Thanks in advance.

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