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Seeking Data Scientists / Statisticians (Manila)

Kalibrr Technologies is seeking Data Scientists / Statisticians to assist with client projects we call “Baselining Exercises.” Basically, our internal resources are fully utilized, but we have additional projects to manage.

Our Kalibrr Advantage platform is a cloud-based recruitment tool that includes skill-based assessments. In Baselining Exercises, we are calibrating the appropriate scoring thresholds for the various skill tests within the assessments, as well as validating the assessment through comparison of test results to the test takers’ performance results (i.e. KPIs).

While the assessment results are interesting in terms of Baselining the existing employees, the calibrated thresholds are primarily being identified to evaluate new applicants. In fact, depending on how much data we acquire and how far we take the analysis, we can develop ideal hiring profiles, as well.

Kalibrr's Assessment Scoring generates a 0 to 3 rating for each test taker, with 3 being the highest rating. Firms can determine which rating level is required for specific jobs, programs, near hire training, whatever. For example, in hiring for a basic Inbound Customer Service program, the firm could set the following Minimum Level Thresholds for applicants:
- 2 for Basic Communication Skills
- 2 on Customer Engagement
- 1 on Practical Math

For a more sophisticated program, perhaps a 3 level rating in communications is required and so on. These level thresholds will be determined from the analysis of the Baselining scores

The specific work to be performed includes:
- analyzing skill test unit scores to determine the standard within the general population per unit (e.g. minimum 40% for assertiveness; 20% for persuasion; 70% for basic communication skills; other)
- analyzing general validation data (i.e. comparison to performance data) to determine the general population’s scoring profile, so standardized unit level thresholds can be set (e.g. a score of < 30% = Level 0; >30% < 50% = Level 1; > 50% < 70% = Level 2; > 70% = Level 3)
- in some cases, dividing the population into segments by performance (KPIs) to set varying thresholds for high and low performers, for example

So, if you or someone you know can do this type of analysis, let me know.

Also, will need to know the hourly rate for consulting work, and, if it varies by population size and/or complexity of the analysis, please provide that information.

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