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Shipping / Ships Agent / Ships agency Manager (Manila)

Good day all,
I am looking to relocate to the Philippines and would love to continue my career within the shipping industry. I have over 15 years experience in ships agency and ships agency management at senior level as well as port management, however I find that all the positions I apply for I am classed as over qualified, even after attending an interview in Cebu recently it appears I am seen as a threat to other workers positions due to my experience and qualifications. I have tried to explain that I do not expect the same kind of salary as I receive here as I understand the difference between here and Asia. Basically I am offering my years of experience and knowledge for free and would be more than happy to accept a modest salary in order to continue my career within the shipping industry in the Philippines. If any body has any contacts within the shipping industry or the crewing industry I would greatly appreciate some help . my resume is readily available and I am a frequent visitor to the Philippines and have been for several years now and have a great many friends there now.

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