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Skilled programmer & designer, web/mobile (Manila)

Danish publishing house searching for skilled programmer and designer for web and mobile. Start as soon as possible, Protected content position, I can send all specs via email if interested:

We are currently in the process of finishing a mobile webapp streaming videos and showing photos to end users. For this we need a programmer to take over. The project has been developed on the CMS system Drupal platform, programming modules for this CMS. The programmer will be presented with an almost finish programming/templates/mock-ups and description, in order to look everything through and understand what’s already been developed. When ready to move on, the remains need to be implemented and all to be fine tuned for maximum performance.
When the mobile webapp version 1 is complete, we will focus on implementing everything into a web/tablet template (made by team designer), for none mobile users. So people on both web and tablets will get a good experience visiting our site. All description will be delivered as we go along and can be discussed for maximum usability and performance. Meaning the person/team will have influence on what action to take, based on the description.

The programmer must know the Drupal environment, and know all about programming modules, implementing/edit modules already made and turn our ideas and his/team into something great for both phone end users (using swipe, zoom and other gestures) and web/tablet. Besides that he should know all about mySql, HTML5 and CSS3 and other languages used with Drupal. We also require that the person should know all about Linux, Apache, mySql and Nginx (we used that for streaming videos) server setup and configuration/backup. We also want this person to have a more than basic knowledge on streaming in general (Flash / mp4) on phones/tablets and the web in general. And more than basic knowledge on the Joomla CMS, as we have sites using Joomla as well.

The qualified person will have full responsibility for the team and his/their daily work and deadlines and be able to present schedule time planned/used for each task. The person will be in daily contact with our DK office through skype, reporting/presenting the progress/problems/issues.
The qualified person should be able to speak fluent English and be good in communicating and explaining choices made by him/team. Also important to make a wiki over finish modules/projects, to explain how things are working, for normal users to use the modules etc.

Summary on skills required:
• Skilled in the Drupal environment:
o Know all about programming modules
o Implementing/edit modules already developed
o Turn ideas into something great for both phone users (webapps) and web/tablets.
• Be skilled in:
o Javascript
o HTML 5
o CSS3
o Other languages used with Drupal.
• Also be skilled in:
o Linux
o Apache (webserver)
o mySql Database
o Nginx (streaming server)
o Server setup
o Server configuration
o Backup
• Have more than basic knowledge on:
o Streaming in general (Flash / mp4) on phones/tablets and the web in general.

Summary on skills required:
• Be skilled in Drupal/Joomla CMS templates:
o Know all about edit/making templates
o Implementing/edit already finish mock-ups / designs
o Create his/hers own templates/graphics
o Turn ours and his/her creative ideas into something great for both phone users (webapps with touch action like swipe/zoom etc.) and web/tablets (with touch action as well).
• Be skilled in:
o HTML 5
o CSS3
o Template framework (so template works on all platforms in one and the same template)
o Photoshop
o Illustrator
• Also have basic skills in:
o Flash animation
o Banner making
o Logos
o Etc.
• Language, communication and various skills:
o Fluent English
o Good in communicating technical issues, problems, pros and cons.
o Good in keeping deadlines
o Structured in all areas of the project/task at hand
o Create and follow scheduled time plan for each task to keep track of work.
o Working with JIRA project tracking

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Best regards,

Christian Martensen

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