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Society Types (Manila)


An interesting observation from now being here 7 weeks is the lack of all the different "types" of people especially in the youth.

In Australia now and I am sure it's the same in all western world countries you can almost put every teen into a category. They are either:

A "Bogan" (listens to heavy metal, doesnt shower, long greasy hair, wears a lot of black).

An EMO (scary looking, depressed, wears thick black eyeliner even the guys, listens to suicidal music, writes depressing poetry).

A Yuppie (parents are wealthy, wears expensive clothing, brands are important, drives a way too expensive car their parents bought for them).

The hip hop or rap set (extremely embarrassing when they are white as they like to think they're black) wears their jeans half way down their legs exposing boxer shorts, baseball cap sideways, bling...

Gangsta types - think they're tough, wear American basketball singlets, listen to loud doof doof music that pounds a bass beat neat to you at the traffic lights.

Nerds - self explanatory.

Jocks - Fit sporty types that work out and excel at sports.

Hippies - Still exist! smoke pot, also knowns as "Stoners" in the USA.

I have probably forgotten a few but here you dont seem to get that. I see the ocassional kid wearing a punk t shirt or who has a different look to them but they are quite rare.

ALSO - It puzzles me why in one country there are SO many ladyboys? Why is that? why not Canada or Australia or South Africa? What happened in the Phillipines history that created this situation?

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