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Tableflag Fridays/Saturdays (Manila)

I just thought of something interesting.

We have many new expats trying to grow their circle of friends, and if one if unfortunate to have missed out on the monthly (or bi-monthly) event, will have to wait for the next event.

Tableflag could be a weekly gathering of people who want to sit and have a few drinks. This will be an open table for everyone, from regular members, to new members.

All one does is put a tall table flag, identifiable by anyone who enters the restaurant, on where the group is. Anyone can approach the group and introduce themselves and thus have a new set of friends.

The best part is, there is nothing to lose for whoever is willing to organize this. All one does is get a few friends (it would be terrible to do this alone) and bring a table flag to put on the table. Said organizer will announce in Internations on what venue will the event be on the given saturday, and what would be the best time accordingly.

If we have enough support, we can do one this saturday. I will definitely be attending it

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