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Thieves In Baguio (Manila)

Just wanted to post this as an FYI / warning to all.
Over the past holidays I had numerous relatives vist, Uncle wife,their child, Mom.
To keep this short we drove to Bagio and the next day went to a restaurant for breakfast, the place was called the Flying Gecko on Sessions road.

During the meal in the back of the restaurant a pocket book was stolen from my aunt, with all of thier documents and like 5k USD's.

Now here is the thing, I have traveled the world for over 10 years , my uncles was a merchant seamen for 30, my wife is Filipina, and our yaya is too, we know how to watch our things and how to pay attention to goings on.

Here is how it happened, the guy followed our party in about 5 mins later, and sat near us at a table alone, this is key, he made it look like he was our driver or body guard and the wait staff assumed that's also what he was, he sat nearby but not obviously so, its a sort of coffee house / restaurant so it would not be unusual for someone to come in and sit.

When the moment was right he took her bag and slid it under his coat without anyone really seeing him leave.

We actually have a photo of the guy from when he came as we were taking family photos and he is in one.

Police took detailed reports but of course nothing has come of that.

One piece of info though they did share that the caught 3 others doing same thing in the last few weeks, so it seems to be syndicate, they are very good at what they do.

Be careful

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