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Transformers Movie Action Figures - DELUXE On Sale (Manila)

For those avid fans of Transformers who are also into toy-collecting. Transformers Movie Action Figures - DELUXE On Sale


a. DiveBomb
b. Thrust ROTF
c. Dirge ROTF
d. Blazemaster (helicopter)
e. Overcast All-Spark Power TF1
f. Breakaway Light Brown ROTF
g. Breakaway Dark Brown ROTF


a. Dcp - Jolt - TF1 All-Spark Power
b. Dcp - Interrogator Barricade ROTF
c. Dcp - Stockade TF1 - All-Spark Power
d. Dcp - Interrogator Barricade ROTF
e. Dcp - Deadend ROTF
f. Dcp - Deep Desert Brawl
g. Abt - Autobot Camshaft - All-Spark Power
h. Abt - Salvage TF1
i. Abt - HotShot with mini-con Jolt G1
j. Abt - Grindcore TF1 - All-Spark Power
k. Abt - Autobot Gears ROTF
l. Abt - Landmine TF1
m. Abt - Armorhide ROTF
n. Abt - Swerve ROTF


Price each: Php 700
Mode of Delivery: COD (areas of Pasong Tamo, Taguig, Makati, Ortigas areas) or
via Courier (LBC, Air21, 2Go, JRS)

Voyager Class,, Leader Class, Ultra Class and Combiner Class, Universe, Versus series, exclusive US Wal-mart editions, deluxe replicas, also available

Send sms or call to reserve your item:
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