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Trusted Mechanic in Pasig city (Manila)

Hi All,

It is my first thread, so let me introduce myself. I am an Argentinean expat working in Manila for two years, I came with my wife and we have a little baby that was born here.

We are now in the process of purchasing a vehicle, and unfortunately we do not know many people yet hence we do not have anyone to give us some advice on a trusted mechanic that can help us inspecting the vehicle. Needless to say that, browing about purchasing second hand vehicles in the Philippines, this is quite an important part to close the deal. Hence I thought on bringing the topic here, since it might be useful not only for me but also to other expats in the same situation or that are having an issue with their cars.

Hence the question is, do you know any trusted mechanic that we can hire to make a review of the car before we purchase it? Ideally it should be someone in Pasig city as we live there and the car we are about to purchase is also in Pasig. But anyone willing to join us to check on the car would be more than enough.

Any advice will be appreciated!

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