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US Blue Cross Blue Shield Health Insurance (Manila)

For anyone here in the Philippines that has US Blue Cross Blue Shield Health Insurance.
It was confirmed to me today that all the major hospitals that used to accept it as primary coverage has dropped it for the time being. This has nothing to due with Blue Cross Blue Shield itself but with the underwriter, a company called AXA International who handles all the international claims for Blue Cross. This company just took over at the beginning of the year and for some reason has not completed the accreditation process with the Philippines. The good news is, the process has started and somewhere in the bureaucratic red tape between countries. I was told that once the process is complete at least Asian Hospital and St. Lukes will again start accepting it. Who knows how long the process will take. I'm not finished looking into this and have an e-mail into AXA management hoping to get some insight into where the process is stalled.


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