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VISA Extension Beyond 59 Days and ACR-I Card (Manila)

Hello Friends,
I am coming to Southern Leyte to serve as a volunteer English teacher. I arrive Nov 3 and depart 3 months later, Jan 27. I need to know more about extending my VISA beyond the 59 day limit.

My understanding is that I receive my initial 30 day VISA at the airport (free). And ... that I might be able to request the 29 day extension at the Airport BEFORE getting my passport stamped. If I don't get the 29 day extension at the airport then I travel to a BI Office authorized to give the extension (Tacloban, Leyte). The 29 day extension will cost me about P3,000.

Most of my info comes from this Immigration link:
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1.) As the 59 day limit approaches can simply return to the Tacloban BI Office and pay for an additional 2 months (cost approximately P5,000)??

2.) Do I need to apply for (and receive) the ACR-I card BEFORE requesting the next 2 months?

Thank you for any help on this important issue.

Henry .... 8-)

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