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Volunteering and donation activities in Manila

"Porridge with chicken" feeding program

Never joined the feeding program "Rice with meat" for children who live in moutainous area in Vietnam, but ever joined the feeding program which can be temporary called "Porridge with chicken" in Philippines. The program was implemented by Revealling Christ’s Global Glory Ministries for more than Protected content of a residential community in Calauan, Laguna. The children live with parents (who don't have any source of income)in uncertainly houses were built by supportation from Philippines government. Households use water run by gravity from a lake on the top of a mountain. It was the 4th time of the program, 1st was porridge, 2nd was rice with fried chicken, 3rd was noodle.
The feeding program is temporary finished due to lack of investment.
There are 2 other issues: Protected content hear need renewable electric (solar power, for example); Protected content need jobs/source of income.
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