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WANTED MEN!!!! (Manila)


If you want woman follow you without any words in each step, if you want to embrace and feel her breath near your chest, if you are ready to get attention of many women in the same time Protected content TANGO IS DEFINITELY WHAT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR.
There is really no other dance like Argentine tango which offers the potential for playful and sensual connection, musical expression and fun. Neither no any other dance where just walking with someone in the embrace can feel and look so good. It's a dance that just keeps giving.
Naturally, developing confidence and competence in dancing - gives you major sex appeal, since it demonstrates vitality, playfulness, creativity, intelligence and good physical communication skills. So make sure you don't mind getting a little more attention from women before you start tango.
Those who start with low confidence will find that it improves, just as those that start with two left feet will find the right one with a little practice (that's really all it takes)

If you are ready for new experience, please contact ASAP at Protected content

Tango Workshop with Argentinian Maestro in Manila during November,13 to November,22!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't miss your chance !!!

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