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WARNING (Manila)


I had heard stories about the Philippines and how there were a lot of pick-pocketers but having been here 6 weeks and having no incidents to report I guess I got a bit slack.

I was walking home from the gym last night which is in the SM Megamall, it was around 9pm and I noticed this shadow come up fast behind me. I was wearing a back pack. I really didnt think anything of it as I was on EDSA which is fairly busy.

The shadow was there, close, I thought why is this person walking so close but by the time I had thought about it, they eased off.

I get to my apartment and go to get my keys and notice my backback zipper is open. The funny thing is, sitting right there was my wallet and Ipod, the silly so and so had taken my gym notebook!!! hahahahaha classic!

I hope he has fun reading about how many times I went to the gym and what exercises I did!

Today when I went to the gym I told a security guy standing on the corner what had happened and to his credit later when I was walking home he had moved to position himself where I told him it happened.

I guess the lesson here is to never let down your guard as a foreigner. I was extremely lucky my wallet didnt go. It woke me up and from now on I will be better prepared, like stuffing my wallet and any valuables right down the bottom of the back-pack under towels etc..

Has anyone had anything happen to them? I met a guy from the UK last weekend who had a knife pulled on him off Burgos St.

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