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warning to expats for those seeking dental care (Manila)


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My name is Grace Edwards and expats from New York. My husband and I have been living in Makati area for 5 years and I am sharing with you, especially the newbies my terrible, frustrating and so time-consuming experience I had with dentists here in Makati area. These 2 dental group that I will mention are the 2 dental group to avoid by all means. The first one is the BEVERLY HILLS MEDICAL GROUP in Paseo de Roxas. I went to this dentist Dr. Tess Mendoza, for crowns, bridge and eventually an implant. I went to Dr. Mendoza and have seen her in a period of a year and a half. I was never happy with her work because it did not meet the standard I was hoping for from an American owned establishment. The materials that were used was below standard even do the fee they charged was for a higher quality material. This is the reason for all the delays in fitting and adjustments and breakage. I was so frustrated that towards the end of the treatment. I just gave up and just make do with what I have even though I am still suffering from the inefficiency of the dentist. Last month, I decided to go back and see a dentist for my lower tooth that was having a problem since Dr. Tess Mendoza said, I can always come back if there is any problem since it is part of the fee I have paid. Dr. Mendoza was no longer working there and they can not give any information about her whereabouts. They have a dentist named Dr. Jerome. I am a very trusting person, so I gave this Dr. Jerome a chance. That same day he had given 11 crowns and one extraction. I was there for 5 hours. He drilled and drilled most of my lower teeth. I was in misery. He charged me 60.000.00 pesos for the procedure. I realized then that I have made a mistake. Again, the job was sloppy and below the standard of what I expect from this establishment. I am owning my mistake. I asked for all my records for those 4 years I have been coming here. I left and vowed never to return to this place ever again.

The second dental group I went to was the GAOC at Greenbelt residences. These are a group of dentists located in the lower ground of the building. The clinic I went to was a very expensive, ultra high tech dental environment and was surrounded by videos of local celebrities touting this establishment. The dentist I met was a Steve Mark Gan, and the first statement he said to me quoting him verbatim "I am not here for the money, I am very wealthy. I am here for my passion to fix teeth that others messed up" That should have been a flag for me, but I like to give people a chance. I was there for a tooth that has been bothering me, a tooth that is next to an implant. After an x-ray and an unnecessary cat scan of my mouth(The x-ray was Protected content the CT Scan was 14,000), they asked me to come back the next day to study the films. I came back the next day and spoke to Relyn Rembonanza, DMD and she explained to me the severity of my case, that I needed more implants, extractions and that I need a new bridge and crown and that I have to wear a denture for 6 months and the procedure will be at least a year and that the lower teeth have to be replaced even though I have explained to them that It was just done last month. They said because they do the upper that the lower has to be adjusted. I realized then and then that these people are there to take advantage of me being an expat, and they saw dollars signs all over. I just took off feeling so angry and frustrated.

I am still looking for a real dentist who can sincerely help me. Please, expats, avoid these places. I learned a very hard lesson and very costly experience. Do not even attempt to give it a try and please share my experience to all expats.


Grace Edwards

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