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Water (Manila)


As I am sure you are all aware it's so important to try and drink 2L of water a day. especially here where it's so humid and like me you probably sweat a lot. I do at least 1L but I found getting water a real hassle.

I kept buying 2L bottles from the local 7/11 which isn't the most economical way. I then started to buy 6L bottles from the local supermarket but that was a pain because I had to haul it home and also buy a new one every 3 days.

The perfect solution! I found a company called Purple Crystal that deliver what to me looks like 20L containers straight to your door. Cost is 250P to start and then when you need a refill it's 40P! How cheap is that! Like $1 for 20L of purified drinking water.

You just need to text them when you need a refill.

Not sure if they do all areas but give them a try on Protected content

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