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We are proud to announce our association with GAIA (Manila)

Biodolomer ® Compound

We are proud to announce our association with GAIA, the Swedish producers of Biomaterials for a humane world.

With GAIA Biodolomer ® Compound, you are able to make the following products:
-Waste bags for collection of food waste.
-Carry bags as an alternative to plastic bags made of polyethylene and paper bags.
-Wrap film, shrink film and agriculture film.
-Disposable cutlery, cups, lids, straws, plates and disposable trays for the fast food industry.
-Diapers and hygiene products.
-Flower planting pots.

We are able to supply Biodolomer ® for the following production processes: -
-Film Blowing
-Injection Moulding
-Thermo Forming
-Bottle Blowing

The Biodolomer ® Compound can provide economical benefits in the form of: -

1.Decreased thickness for injection moulding, and thinner film for producing bags.
2.Up to 30% increased productivity.
3.Considerably lowered CO and CO2 with incineration.
4.Improved durability for packaged food.
5.Biodolomer ® compound can be used in existing production machines.
6.Water-soluble printing colors, no need for Corona treatment.
7.Biodolomer ® compound can be recycled into energy.
8.Biodolomer ® compound is biodegradable and compostable, it has been tested and approved by the International Test Institute AIB-Vincotte according to the OK COMPOST HOME and SEEDLING standards, and they comply with the European Standard EN Protected content .

A very important advantage with Biodolomer ® compound, are the carrier bags and freezing bags, since they can be used to collect food waste which will then be dissolved (decomposed).

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