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Weekly Basketball (Manila)

Is anyone here interested to join for weekly basketball just for some fun and exercises workout [perhaps pick up games when we have enough players]? Well I don't really care if you are good or not good in basketball - as long as one loves to play basketball then its all good !! I do have some colleagues which I sometimes play together with however due to the difference of work schedules its really hard to match the time of available to play together so I thought I should try to get to know more new friends, maybe then be able to set up a group to play weekly.

I've been here in Makati for a year and known of several gyms/sports center where I could rent basketball court for within Makati City such as :
1) The Zone Sports Center
2) Finman Gym building @ Tordesillas St
3) Makati Stock Exchange Building (basement floor)

My problem is because I usually work at midnight shift so I can only play either after 9am or in the afternoon. It is actually up to the majority's preference of time available to play then we can decide on which day of particular week to play at.

Another main concern would be the court availability - during peak seasons there are many leagues and these courts that I known of sometimes are being fully booked for months by some companies or the league tournament which will be going on. Anyone who lives in Manila known of any other courts or maybe they have one in their residence area where we can rent it ? I think in order to rent a court in term of weekly it is better that we can prepare a lum sum amount of money and reserve the courts for like monthly basis on a fixed day/time.

Looking forward to hear from any of you :)

Poh Kean

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