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What is life like for an expat in Manila?

Hi All,

I am thinking about accepting a position in Manila (short term) and wanted to get your help to understand what I might be getting into. A few questions -

I am sure this question is posed a lot but it is the number one concern for me - how safe is Manila, particularly for women? Assuming I am using common sense - is it okay to walk around in the city during the day? Can you safely go out at night at all or just in the main "expat" areas?

What has surprised you most about living in Manila?

How large is the expat community? is it relativity easy to meet people there?

What is cable TV like there (this is less important but I am curious)? Is international television available at all? I am mainly concerned about access to sports.

What is the typical price range for dining out?

How often do you experience earthquakes/major natural disasters? Is this a real major concern?

Part of the reason I would make this move would be the opportunity to travel within Asia - is it fairly easy and cheap to get flights to China, Taiwan, Australia, Vietnam, etc.?

What is the best part about living in Manila?


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