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where can I find a Nutritionist consultant? (Manila)

Anyone know of someone I can hire or where to find a nutritionist?

I have extremely bad eating habits. When I go "grocery" shopping, 95% of what I buy are crap ie. cup noodles (dominates my life), microwave popcorn, sugary cereals, cookies, noodles. Almost everything I buy comes in a box, can, or jar, aka super-processed and not fresh or nutritious. The only things I buy that are fresh are fruits and the occasional tomatoes.

I'm looking for someone who can re-educate me in nutrition by going grocery shopping with me and helping me choose healthy (and still delicious) options from my usual canned/bagged/jarred foods. And also need this person to teach me how to prepare nutritious meals and snacks. All this in a studio apartment with no real kitchen, just 2 burners, a fridge with a freezer that doesn't freeze, and a microwave


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