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Why Filipino cuisine is not internationally known (Manila)

I wrote a blog post on Bale Dutung in Angeles City, which is run by Claude and Mary Ann Tayag. Claude and Mary Ann are advocates of traditional Filipino cuisine and culture and work very hard to bring it back to ts roots.

I had a fantastic meal there and I highly recommend it to you But one question this seems to raise is, why is Filipino cuisine not popular internationally. In the States and Europe you'll see successful restaurants of every other SE Asian flavor but where are the Filipino restaurants?

Next I'd like to follow up with another post on this very topic and I'd like to hear your thoughts on the topic. To those of you that are expats, how did you find the food when you moved here? What surprised you, impressed or disappointed you? Why do you think it has never caught on in other countries?

I look forward to your input and thank you in advance.


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