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Work visa in Manila - with or without a job?

Hi all!

This is my first time registering and posting a thread so hopefully I can have a nice chat with everyone :)

I'm planning on moving to Manila next January for about half a year to live with my long distance boyfriend.

I have done abit of research in terms of the non-immigrant working visas there.. It's either:

a) a pre-arranged employee visa (which I'm assuming the company sponsors you and you are guaranteed the job, not sure about dealing with my work visa and sponsoring that?), or
b) a temporary work-visa (that I would apply if I don't have a job offer and I want to go there?) which would give me working rights for 6 months under certain professions/specialised fields?

Can anyone please help me in 'dummy' terms - reading the Bureau of Immigration with all those visas has officially given me a headache :P - whether I'm missing any other options?

Another thing is, are there any occupations which are willing to sponsor visas? I heard that education seems to be one in Korea (literally a completely separate visa sponsored just for applicants with English as their native language to work there) and they that the Philippines was apparently on the list (but she did not post the link). I'm not sure whether teaching ESL requires any sort of licence or whether any agency will help me find a teaching job?

Optimally, I would like a job to sponsor my visa but if not that's fine also (I'm hoping the visa isn't too much AUD). If I don't happen to have one that sponsors my visa, but can at least provide me with a job (is that the pre-arranged visa?) that'll be good too. I was thinking of the chances of working at a organisation that has a Sydney branch in hopes that I can transfer back to work? If not, I can just resort to getting a job there and searching for one when I come back.

Forgot to mention that I am a HR graduate Protected content 2 years HR and Payroll experience. We are outsourcing to Manila in my current job so I kind of know what admin jobs are like there (ish).

I've also had a couple years of tutoring experience on and off for English and Chinese (as languages), and other high school subjects.

Sorry for the super long post - hope someone can give me any sort of guidance!!

Thank you all so much! :)

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